A.E. Dinsmoor

Battle for Neverland

The Darling Nursery

The Williams family thought the new home they purchased was perfectly normal, albeit a little run down. Little did they know that this was no ordinary house. Beyond the peeling walls and creaky floorboards of the upstairs nursery lay a delicious secret, and something even more intriguing: pirate treasure. And if that wasn't exciting enough, a mysterious visitor makes an unexpected visit through through the third-story window, leading Kate Williams on the journey of a lifetime.

Lost Things Antiquities

Tucked away amidst the busy London shops lies an unassuming antique store. But step inside, and you’ll be transported to a world of wonder. There, visitors can find vintage toys, war swords, treasure, historic maps and, perhaps, just a hint of adventure.

el Cazador

In 1784, the Spanish brig, known as the El Cazador, embarked on a journey to the colonies, carrying a precious cargo of newly minted Spanish coins. But something happened and the ship, crew, and the treasure disappeared without a trace. Some said the ship was attacked by pirates, while others claimed it was lost in a terrible storm. In truth, no one really knows what might have happened... until now.


Island of enchantment, where there is no time, Neverland is brimming with extraordinary characters and mesmerizing creatures. From Peter Pan and his band of Lost Boys, to the mischievous fairies, indigenous islanders, and the nefarious pirates led by none other than the notorious Captain Hook, every corner of Neverland is teeming with adventure and excitement.

Crystal Caverns

Crystal Caverns stands out as one of the most enchanting and mysterious locations in Neverland. The magical glowing crystals hum with energy and the occasional tinkling of pixie bells. However, caution is advised when navigating these caverns as pirates are known to patrol the area and set traps for Peter and the Lost Boys.

Island Village

Nestled in the northern corner of Neverland lies the peaceful village that serves as a home for the indigenous people of the island. A high wall encircles the village to keep the pirates at bay, but inside peace and safety abound. Children can play freely, stories are shared, and history comes alive in the tales passed down from generation to generation.

Hangman's Tree

In the thickest part of the forest lies the secret hideout of Peter Pan and his band of Lost Boys. The entrance is marked by an ancient tree with a frayed noose hanging from its branches, a symbol of defiance against Captain Hook and his crew. The rest of the hideout is underground where Peter and the Lost Boys can lie low, away from the prying eyes of their enemies, where they can plan their next escapade.

The Jolly Roger

Once the most feared ship to sail the seven seas, the Jolly Roger is home to the evil Captain Hook and his band of cutthroats. This heavy frigate was designed to hold the maximum cannons and men, yet had the ability to maneuver with surprising speed, making it the perfect choice for a pirate vessel.

The Never Tree

Deep in the heart of Neverland lies the elusive Never Tree, a place of wonder and enchantment that is the wellspring of the island’s magic. It is a closely guarded secret, known only to the island’s inhabitants and carefully protected by Peter and the fairies who call it home. For centuries, Captain Hook and his band of pirates have been relentlessly searching for the Never Tree, hoping to steal its power for their own nefarious purposes.

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