A.E. Dinsmoor

From Inspiration to Page

Meet the Author

A.E. Dinsmoor is an accomplished author and composer with a passion for telling stories that captivate readers and listeners alike. She believes that stories are essential, which drives her to craft excellent, wholesome content for children and young adults alike.

Her books offer a combination of Young Adult Fantasy, Thrillers, and Historical Fiction, perfect for anyone looking for an exciting adventure. 

Currently, Dinsmoor is hard at work on the next two installments of the Battle for Neverland trilogy, as well as a historical fantasy detective series that promises to be just as thrilling! She also has plans for a series of children books that she hopes to begin soon. With no lack of ideas and a deep passion for the craft, she is committed to creating works of fiction that are entertaining, engaging and inspiring for all readers. 



Meet the Publisher

Wordspire Books, LLC is an independent publishing house working to provide edifying and inspiring stories for children and young adults. 

Their commitment to readers is: 

– EXCELLENCE: Top-notch quality in all their stories, artwork and printing. 

– ENGAGEMENT: Stories that transport readers to another world, ignite the  imagination, and stay with readers long after the last page has been turned. 

– ETHICS: Stories that promote character growth through wholesome content. 

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