A.E. Dinsmoor

Battle for Neverland

Kate Williams

Loyal, caring, yet somewhat headstrong, Kate Williams works hard to support her struggling parents. When an unusual discovery leads to an opportunity to save her home, Kate jumps at the chance, leading her on the adventure of a lifetime.

Peter Pan

The boy who never grew up, Peter is the unruly and daring leader of the Lost Boys and the sworn enemy of the notorious Captain Hook. Peter is the only one on the enchanted island who can communicate with the elusive fairies, and it is his job to protect the Never Tree and defend Neverland from the pirates.

Captain James Hook

Once the most feared pirate in all the seven seas, Captain James Hook has spent centuries trapped in Neverland, plotting his revenge against the boy he holds responsible: Peter Pan. This pirate is as ruthless as he is cunning, and will stop at nothing to get the power and revenge he craves.

Tinkerbell ("Tink")

Peter’s devoted pixie companion, Tink has the spirit of a warrior, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s wise, brave, feisty, and fiercely loyal to those she loves, and she’ll do anything to protect Neverland.

Mr. Smee

Hook's dependable boatswain, and the only pirate on board with a conscience. Ever vigilant, Smee tirelessly strives to keep Hook from losing his grip on sanity, all while doing his best to keep the captain in one piece.

Perkins ("Perky")

A bumbling pirate with a less-than-keen mind, Perkins frequently falls victim to pranks from his mischievous crewmates. To make matters worse, his loose tongue often lands him in trouble with the strict first mate, Starky. Despite his struggles, Perkins finds solace in his friendship with Slim, an equally peculiar pirate.


Perkins’ faithful and only friend, Slim has a generally sunny demeanor and takes things in stride. However, because of his association with Perkins, he often finds himself in trouble - usually more than he bargained for.


Hook’s intimidating first mate, Starky keeps a tight rein over the rest of the pirates. His keen eye and unyielding vigilance make it impossible for anything to slip past him, and he maintains strict discipline among the crew. As Hook's right-hand man, Starky is unflagging in his loyalty and commitment to carrying out the captain’s orders.


The first Lost Boy, and Hook's former cabin boy, Slightly serves as Peter's second-in-command. Deeply haunted by his past life aboard the pirate ship, Slightly is a fierce defender of Neverland, and steady friend to Peter Pan in all their adventures.

Running Stag

Tiger Lily’s cousin and a valiant warrior, Running Stag plays a crucial role in leading the islanders’ defense against the relentless pirate attacks. Respected for his natural leadership and courage, Running Stag can most often be found in the forefront of the battle, rallying his fellow tribesmen to protect their beloved Neverland. His dedication and fearlessness in the face of danger make him an invaluable asset to the islanders’ resistance against the ruthless pirates.

The Chief

Known for his wisdom and leadership, the chief is a formidable presence, working endlessly to safeguard his people and the island. Respected and revered by all, the chief is a beacon of strength and wisdom in Neverland, always putting the welfare of his tribe and the island above all else.

Tiger Lily

Warrior and native princess of Neverland, Tiger Lily assists her father in leading and protecting their tribe against the pirates. With her unbreakable courage and fierce loyalty, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her family safe and protect her island home.

Lost Boys

Pan’s truehearted and mischievous band of adventurers, the Lost Boys are a group of orphans Peter rescued from London. From daring escapade to battling pirates, these boys never lack for excitement, and they’ll do anything to protect Neverland. Once a large group, many of the Lost Boys have gone missing in pirate attacks, leaving only a handful behind with Peter. But those left remain as adventurous and loyal as ever.

Thomas and Julia Williams

Kate’s loving parents, and the recent owners of “Number 14, Bloomsbury Lane,” Thomas and Julia are struggling to make ends meet. A terrible accident cost Thomas his job and left him in tremendous pain and mostly bed-ridden. Julia has been caring for her ailing husband while trying to make ends meet by taking on sewing jobs. Despite their efforts, the family’s medical bills keep piling up. With their backs against the wall, Thomas and Julia find themselves faced with a heart-wrenching decision as they are forced to consider more drastic measures.

Aunt Edith

Kate’s formidable great aunt, Aunt Edith, harbors a deep-seated aversion towards people in general, and toward children in particular. Despite her willingness to offer assistance to the Williams’ family, her version of help is laden with onerous conditions, adding further difficulties to the already challenging situation.

Michael Darling

Still young at heart, Micheal is now the owner of Lost Things Antiquities, an eclectic antique shop tucked tightly between the shops in London. Having never lost his sense of adventure, Michael has become a historian of rare battles, mysteries and, of course, pirate treasure.

Wendy Darling

Kind-hearted and imaginative, Wendy Darling visited Neverland as a girl many years ago where she and her brothers had their own wonderful adventures. Now, as she nears the end of her life, Wendy continues to believe in Peter Pan and the enchanted world of Neverland, eagerly awaiting his return.

The Croc

Measuring a staggering 18 feet in length, this monster is the terror of the Neverland Sea. After swallowing Hook's right hand centuries ago, the beast now regularly patrols the waters around the Jolly Roger, just waiting for another tasty bite, or perhaps another unfortunate soul.


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